Wasn’t that a Marx Brothers Movie?

You just can’t make this stuff up.  Union employees (not employees who belong to a union, but employees of the union) are striking in Ohio.  Apparently $111,350 is not enough to earn in a year, and they are going to stick it to the man until he realizes that they won’t be pushed around anymore.  That these proletariat heroes are supposed to represent unionized government workers (what socialism needs is more socialism!) makes this all the more delicious.

The real question in all of this : For whom do you root?


2 Responses to “Wasn’t that a Marx Brothers Movie?”

  1. To quote Brewster’s Millions: “Vote for none of the above!”

    Which is rather similar to a Groucho Marx quip: “Whatever it is, I’m against it.”

  2. In this case, I am not sure. The scabs would be union as well as those on the picket line. I think I will root for those who made the signs, union or not, because they are the only ones making anything profitable… Watching a socialist system fight itself is entertaining.

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