Movie Suggestions

We are using our newly reprogrammed Thrivent funds this year for the purchase of DVD’s and books for our church library. I have a pretty good list of books, but I am looking for movies that are family appropriate and that deal with Christian themes (Even if not explicitly Christian). Does anyone have any thoughts? The only movie I can think of (Besides the obvious “Luther Movie”) is the first Narnia film (The second one is just an extended battle sequence, and not really worth the money.)
Can anyone think of any other movies that fit the two criteria above? I like Gran Torino, and think it is the most Christian film (Narnia excepted) in the last 20 years. But it is just as explicitly not family friendly. Alas.
Fire away with your suggestions.


4 Responses to “Movie Suggestions”

  1. That IS the challenge: finding one with Christian themes, AND family friendly. How odd that films often are one or the other!

    But here are some suggestions.

    Horton Hears a Who


    I Confess
    I always use this one as I am teaching the 5th chief part in catechesis. Obviously, it is above the little ones, but the older kids love it.

    • forestboar Says:

      Reverend Father, I didn’t know you were a connoisseur of my little corner of the internet. Welcome, and thank you Mr. R.A. for your good thoughts.
      I believe that only you could find liturgical overtones in a Disney cartoon. Of course, now that you mention it, I can see nothing else.
      I suppose one could add The Incredibles – has there ever been a movie with such a clear understanding of the doctrine of vocation?
      I confess is an amazing movie. I always wanted to see the stage play on which it was based. (These days I don’t do theatre, or I would have said “direct”, but theatre can be rather all consuming. It does not go well with family-church-pastorate-or-anything-else-in-life.)

  2. Some of these might have inappropriate scenes for families with smaller kids, its been years since I’ve seen a lot of these:

    Andrei Rublev
    Big Fish
    Black Robe
    Caine Mutiny
    Captains Courageous
    Chariots of Fire
    End of the Spear
    Exorcism of Emily Rose
    Fiddler on the Roof
    Hobson’s Choice
    I Confess
    Iron Giant
    Keys of the Kingdom
    Les Miserables
    Man for All Seasons
    Mr. Deeds goes to Town
    Sergeant York
    The Browning Version
    The Village
    The Truman Show

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