Lutheran Logomaniac has a great post that summarizes some of my own concerns with the ACELC (Producers of the ‘Fraternal Admonition’).  I had tried to be charitable in understanding their goals, but given the very public nature of their speech, and the rather confrontational way they have presented themselves, I don’t think one can reasonably claim that they are only interested in dialogue.  They state quite clearly that they are interested in far more. (C0ongregations accepting statements, a constituting convention, etc.)  Read over at LL for a good description of some of my concerns.  Thanks to Pr. P. for the work on this.


One Response to “The ACELC”

  1. I appreciate so much you putting the best construction on our words. We have not said ANYWHERE that we want more than to Fraternally address these errors. We don’t care who does it. We are not asking that we judge and jury, but only asking people to consider whether or not there is substance to our plea for discussion. You cite the fact that we want to have an official organization as evidence of this. Would you make the same charge against LLL, LWML, Higher Things, or any other group within our Synod which also has a Constitution and By-Laws? These things are required to have legal status, nothing more. Would you join a group that had no standards. Perhaps you would, but I wouldn’t. The fact that we want to officially organize proves nothing except that we want to organize. If you have questions about our motives, maybe you would consider asking us rather than assuming the worst.

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