Let us Build a City, and a Tower…

Are we the pinnacle of Western Civilization?  If so, that means that the only way to go is down.

It was once assumed that technology could solve everything.  Simple things like infections used to kill people, but anti-biotics solved that.  Until the infections became resistant.  Medieval problems like bed-bugs were obliterated, until they came back – this time immune to most insecticides.  Ancient dieseases like Typhoid and Leprosy were almost entirely destroyed, but they are back.

We built great cities to show our industrial might and good ol’ American can-do-itness.  After all, ancient Rome may have been almost 1 million people, but we have many cities that large.  Except for all the cities that are collapsing.  (HT: Respublica)  Indeed, people have been moving to the suburbs for decades.  So, is the great society that we have created about to collapse?  Have we built the tower as high as it can go, and now there is only confusion and decay in store for our society?  Stay tuned…


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