Wheels within wheels…

… and politics within politics.  One of the things that greeted me upon my return from vacation was a newspaper from a certain pastor in New Haven Missouri.  Of course, I threw it away without even so much as glancing at it, as all pastors do.

On page 12, he reprinted the latest issue of Affirm, (motto : Presidents Barry and Preus liked us more than any other conservative group) which I also didn’t read, which commented on the recent convention.

One of the headlines (Which, again, I didn’t read) said, “Barry had his Consensus to Deal With…”

Now, I’m all for historical revisionism, but puh-lease. For those too young to remember (did I actually say that?)  Consensus was formed after Dr. K was elected president, for the sole purpose of uniting (or to put it another way “finding consensus”) the right in order to defeat him in 2004 (Yeah, that worked.)  Now, again, I hate to say that this publication was wrong, but I’m pretty sure that Dr. Barry was dead by then.  I went to his funeral, and I distinctly remember it being shortly after he left office.  Which would have been shortly before Dr. K was elected, which was the impetus for forming Consensus.

Also, it should come as no surprise to them that the ACELC (that’s it, I’m starting the Society To Undo People’s Incessant Dramatic Acronym Sycophantic Stupidity) is contradicting the LCMS doctrinal position.  I believe that was the point in their founding it.  (More on that later).  Also, rejecting the Dispute Resolution Process is not a violation of the 8th commandment.  It may be a violation of the “covenant of love” which we have to operate a certain way, but that’s not one of the commandments.

Of course, I’m sure none of you know what I’m talking about in this post, because I’m sure you didn’t read either of those papers either.  (The first is pronounced ee-ther, the second I-ther.  It aids in proper understanding.)

Have a good weekend.  Last of summer vacation for us.

One Response to “Wheels within wheels…”

  1. Sign me up for STUPIDASS. I could be its personification.

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