A Nice Change

We went on vacation over the weekend. I found a church to attend, but at the last minute noticed that they were having “church in the park” that Sunday with a neighboring parish.
It was a very interesting experience. Because there were two churches, everyone just assumed we must be from the other one. No one greeted us, asked us where we were from, etc. The whole time we were there, not one person spoke to us. No one knew, at any time, that I was a pastor. We were free to just be people, sitting and listening to God’s word. It was very nice. No pressure, no talks about which seminary we each attended, what we think of the current political state of the synod, or any of that. Just church in the park.
Followed by a picnic. That’s right, they not only left us alone, they fed us as well. It was very different than our usual church experience.

One Response to “A Nice Change”

  1. It *is* nice to be left alone, isn’t it? Don’t you hate visiting a church & feeling like you’re the target of a high-pressure sales pitch?

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