A Fraternal Admonition : Preface


I will, in the following posts, be both critical and commendatory of “A Fraternal Admonition”. Such criticism should in no way be considered disagreement with their primary theses, that is, that there are areas of doctrine and practice in our synod in which a variety of incompatible teachings and actions exist.  These differences must be dealt with.  They are neither sustainable nor does it serve the good of the church or  our Lord who gives us the church.  I look on this Fraternal Admonition as a first step in addressing our differences. I write what I believe to be an honest critique in the hope of promoting an open dialogue, and identifying areas where their statement may be strengthened and improved. In general I agree with the underlying concerns. But as I learned years ago, writing a public statement of what we believe is not only difficult, it must be done in the context of dialogue and correction, not only with those whom we agree, but often also with those whom we disagree.


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