Where God Goes to Church

Years ago, I attended a “Great Commission Convocation”.  For whatever reason, in the midst of all the silliness was a presentation by Dr. Feuerhan.  (Even he was somewhat surprised at being asked to attend.)  It was, far and away, the best thing there.  (There were a couple of other good speakers, but they weren’t Feuerhan.

In his 45 minutes talk, with all the winsomeness in the world, he explained why everything else going on that weekend was wrong.  Of course, he didn’t say it that way.  But it was a little like Paul standing in the Areopagus and announcing the resurrection.

I remember one lady left about half-way through.  Apparently, she just couldn’t handle what he had to say.  For those who are wondering exactly what he did have to say, wonder no more.  With his gracious permission, it is available now with a simple mouse click.  You need not even endure the opening “service.”  Just listen to the sweet, sweet Gospel.

Click HERE.


One Response to “Where God Goes to Church”

  1. Do you have any more background info about where and when he gave this speech? I would like to share this with friends. I believe teaching the theology of worship is the the most “practical” way to “end” the worship wars.

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