Liturgical Catechism Revisited

As usual, I wasn’t clear with my intent.  This is a homiletic help.  That is to say, it is a guide for pastors who want to preach on the various parts of the catechism. I suppose one could use it for some other purpose, though I don’t know what it might be.

I suppose  the pastor could simply recite the catechism portion at the beginning of the sermon, or at some other time, have it printed in the bulletin, or perhaps one could have the people say the catechism part together.  That would really be up to your individual preference, and the normal usage of the congregation which you serve.

I plan to use it as a guide for preaching next year.  I will likely reference the catechism section in question as I begin the sermon, or perhaps at some other time.

NOTE : I have also included this post as an update to the original.


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