What Dreams May Come

A pastor was discussing the election of Pr. Harrison as our synod’s president, and worried that persecution such as he saw during Dr. Barry’s tenure would resume.  Now, assuming that he was right that there was persecution of pastors (a point I am not willing to concede, but will pass over here for the sake of argument), the pastor’s point was that this persecution occurred because he found it inexpedient to follow the “covenant of love” of our synod in regard to closed communion.

Again, laying aside the idea of closed communion being merely  a covenant of love, and supposing for a moment that the sum content of closed communion is a “covenant of love”, then to violate that covenant of love is not a small thing, but a sin against love and against our brother with whom we have made that covenant – or to put it more succinctly  : it is a sin.  Even ignoring this, and even if it was a problem under Dr. Barry, what does it say that pastors during the presidency of Dr. Keischnick have seen persecution for upholding the covenant of love which we share in regards to such things as closed communion?

I’m just curious what that means.  And I look forward to when such persecution ends.  That is to say, I look forward to heaven.

One Response to “What Dreams May Come”

  1. It makes me so sad to hear people whine about being “persecuted” when the church body, of which they are voluntary members, tries to maintain discipline in teaching & practice. Obviously it can’t have been really hot persecution because your friend was not imprisoned, tortured, killed, or (apparently) even removed from his position. I guess we have a low threshold for persecution these days.

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