Survey Doesn’t Say

I was taking a survey for a certain church-related resourcing shop which shall remain nameless, when I came upon this question :

If you had to select one, what will be the primary focus or “mission” of your church for the immediate future?

I had to pick, so I picked “worship”, on the theory that it was probably most God pleasing.  I mean, after all, “God wishes us to believe him and receive his blessings and this he declares to be true worship.”  (Ap III 24)

I realize they are trying to figure out how to best provide resources that churches want (That is to say, resources that they can sell to the churches), bu what a terrible question.  What is the “focus” of our church going to be?  How about our Lord Jesus Christ, who was crucified?   Would that work as an answer?

Looking at the choices provided, I guess not.

I was also VERY tempted to check the box marked “We write our own” under Bibles.

Anyway, for helping them by sharing my opinions, I got a $30 gift certificate for CPH.  I ordered Krauth (Conservative Reformation and It’s Theology), Zimmerman (Seminary in Crisis), and Wolfmueller (On Funerals).  Krauth is only $15, and Zimmerman has been reduced to $20!  Buy them before they sell out.  My guess is, at clearance prices like these, they will be out of print once they are sold out.  Good stuff, I hope.


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