Facebook Friends Excited!

Most of my facebook friends are “excited!” about going to Houston.  I promise, I am more excited about staying home.

Anyway, the excitement got me wondering why.  I don’t recall this much excitement three years ago, or six years ago.  Why the excitement?  Because, by and large, they hope to elect a new President.  It’s as simple as that.  Before the last convention, I was told “They aren’t even worrying about this one.  They are planning how to defeat Harrison in 2010.”  Well, Convention 2010 is almost here.

In a few more days, the Blue Ribbon proposals will be presented.  They will either pass, or they will fail.

The election for President will be held.  It will almost certainly end in the election of either Dr. Kieschnick or Pr. Harrison. One will not be elected.

Given the state of our synod, and crazy nature of this convention (proposals to vastly restructure, the unprecedented attempt to delay the presidential election, etc.) I make mo guesses as to what will happen.

Heck, I wouldn’t be too very surprised if the convention votes for Sam-I-Am to be president, and the Boards to be reduced to two  :  Board for Green Eggs, and the Board for Ham.  I don’t anticipate it, but I have no specific expectations.

The arguments for or against an incumbent losing at this convention are both persuasive, and I won’t rehash them here.  However, I wonder how excited 49% of the delegates will be after “their candidate” loses.  Because it will happen.  And that really is what this convention is about.  From a power perspective, the proposals don’t matter as much as the presidential election.  Just as it doesn’t matter whether I have the electric outlet on this wall or that wall – what really matters is what I plug into it.  What do you do with the power?  I remember after the last convention that many delegates said that they had never seen a more collegial and loving convention of the synod.  (Since “our side” expected to lose, it was no great surprise when we did, and there was no animosity on either side.)  I pray the same will be said about this one, but I fear it will not.

So, my advice : Pray for our synod.  Pray that this convention will be one where Christian Charity is shown to our brothers on the other side of the proverbial aisle, as well as to our friends.  Pray that love will be shown to those who win elections and to those who lose them.  Pray that those elected will be blessed by God to know and carry out his will.  And pray that those who are disappointed with the way the convention proceeds will be able to continue their ministry, even amid their disappointment.  Finally, pray that our synod, despite whatever changes in structure are approved, remains faithful in her confession, and rejects any proposals that would seek to change it.

If those things happen, whoever is elected, and whatever structure and governance we choose, I will call it a “successful” convention.


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