I Bind Unto Myself : New verses found!

As you know, the hymnal often omits verses of famous hymns. There are many reasons for this. However, as it turns out, the local Roman church (Saint Patrick’s) actually has the original breastplate of Saint Patrick as one of their relics. I did a rubbing of the text on it, and was surprised to find new verses for one of my favorite hymns. I am still pondering them, so I will simply present them without further comment :
I bind unto myself today,
The strong name of my candidate
By invocation of the same
His opponent will I denigrate
It matters not what I may say
It matters not what I may do
It matters only on the vote day
The election will prove me true

I bind this day to me forever
The virtues of the ballot box
We’ll get our man howsoever
Even if our method’s not orthodox
I justify my bad behavior
Because I have such noble ends
Why follow examples from my savior
As with opponents I do contend?

I bind unto myself the name
Of my perfect man to rule and lead
He’ll act very purely to reach his aims
He’ll be my balm of Gilead
Meanwhile the other man isn’t fit
And his admirers must concede
That I am right as holy writ
While they are driven by only greed.

Against the partisan zealotry
Of my opponents will I fight
Who needs to show charity
The important thing is : I am right
Don’t worry what the world will see
As we behave like idiots
It’s all a matter of degree
Our opponents are much worse than us.


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