Weinrich Returns

My online seminary project continues.

Hot off the presses, here is Dr. Weinrich teaching “God and Creation” – the introductory systematics class.  You think you know God?  You don’t.  Listen to this, and see what I mean.

Click HERE, and then click the Weinrich folder.  Download the four G&C files.  Extract, get yourself a nice quiet place, 25 hours of alone time, (I recommend July 11-17) and get ready for a treat you will never forget.


5 Responses to “Weinrich Returns”

  1. Norm Fisher Says:

    Is there a reason that it starts with 4? There isn’t a 1,2,3?

    • forestboar Says:

      Apparently, some missing tapes. I got them from another pastor, who recorded them 20 years ago. Some tapes were lost.

  2. Rev. Winter,

    I was able to take one of the Weinrich tracks and dramatically improve its audibility by removing the tape hiss and applying a volume leveler to it. I did this with open source software: Audacity.

    The only issue with doing it this way is that your source MP3 files are a very low bitrate, which means that I am double-processing the files, and that makes them sound just a little strange because of the artifacts which result from de-compressing and re-compressing the audio.

    Did you, perhaps, save the original raw WAV files that you used to create these tracks, or do you have them in a higher quality file of some sort? If so, it would be possible to process the higher quality files, and then re-create these 65kbit MP3’s with much higher quality.

    Email me: martin@diers.us, and I can give you more details on how this works. It’s actually pretty easy to do.

    • forestboar Says:

      I recorded them as 320kbps mp3. I do have the source files. I have also saved them in this form (gaps in the tape edited out, and volume normalized) at 320kbps. I didn’t upload those because 18 hours of audio takes a lot of space at that bitrate. I have tried what you suggest before, but I think with the noise filtered out it sounds like I’m listening through a tin can.
      I put the files on my phone at 64kbps, and use a tape adapter to listen to them in my car. (It’s a convertible, so it’s not exactly one of those “see how quiet it is” kind of cars). My theory is, if I can listen to them under such un-ideal conditions, 99% of people probably can as well. While higher quality was arguably possible, it took WAAAAY too much time to process with audacity, for results that weren’t all that impressive to me. (I got spoiled for a time w/ Adobe Audition, which is much faster, has more options, and produces higher quality audio.)
      My goal was to make them available, which they are. The small bitrate makes them available to a wide audience. The limited processing makes them available much more quickly (This class took me three months to transfer and process – I have three more classes to go, and have already started on the next class). I have offered them to the Fort Wayne seminary library, but I haven’t heard back. If they are interested, and want to process the sound properly, I will send them the files in their raw format. But it’s been months and months with no word, so apparently there is little interest.
      Hope it’s not too much of a disappointment that they aren’t perfectly processed, and I hope they are listen-able for you.

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