Indeed it is.

UPDATE : Silly Forestboar, you forgot to link to the article.  Done and done.

In a post titled “A Changed Confession“, Dr. Neilsen explains the circumstances that led him to abandon a “Creative Worship” non-confession, and replace it with the confession and absolution from the hymnal.

While he defends the practice of using “Creative Worship” (Who is supposed to be doing the creating in worship, I wonder…), he simultaneously shows that although we may indeed have the Christian Freedom to abandon the hymnal, (All things are lawful) our own sinful nature makes it expedient that we never should.  (not all things are good.)

This article, which defends the practice it had to abandon, is one of the best arguments against EVER using liturgy that has not come from a synod-convention approved hymnal.


2 Responses to “Indeed it is.”

  1. Paul Cain Says:

    Where can this be read?

  2. Are you just teasing me with this? 🙂 Can you post a link to Dr. Neilsen’s post?

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