And Or Or

On vacation I saw a church, with a sign in front listing the services thusly :
Worship 8:45 or 11.
The church was of Arminian descent.
It was the “or” that struck me. I’ve never seen it before. Everywhere else I have seen two services, they are connected by an “And”. Here, it was an “or”.
What does this mean?
Lutheran churches, when they list services, will invariably use an “and” to link two service times in a sentence. Why? Because those are the times that the Word of God (and hopefully the Sacrament) is offered. Worship will happen at those times, because worship is God coming to us to bring him his gifts, which he does wherever two or three are gathered in his name – that is, whenever there is a preacher and a hearer. So, the church worships at 8:45 & 11. Both are worship, whether you are there or not.
For the Arminian, worship begins with our work. You may worship at 8:45, or at 11. Worship depends on you, and therefore it will only occur if you are there. It is not something that the church does, nor is it something that is given by God, it is something which you do. And as such, worship on Sunday will be at 8:45 or 11, but not both, unless you attend both, which, as the sign clearly shows, is not expected of you.


One Response to “And Or Or”

  1. Cool observation, Lincoln. I think I may steal it.

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