I once showed someone around the campus of my alma mater – a nameless school in a nameless state, attached to a nameless church body.  (The forest boar has learned the hard way never to name names in the LCMS.  So, whatever you do, please do not click HERE to go to the webpage of my alma mater.  It’s a secret.)  After seeing the facilities and program offerings, the question was asked, “Why would anyone go here?”  After all, they can’t give athletic scholarships.  They have no pre-law or pre-med program to speak of.  They don’t really offer much in the way of the arts.  Their theatre program shares space with the chapel – a theological and aesthetic scandal.  No matter what program you are in, there is going to be another school that does it better for less money.  Why would you pay extra to go there?

Ah, “The fine Lutheran education”, some might say.  But aside from the theology department, it’s not required that a faculty member even be Christian, let alone Lutheran.  At the time I suggested that they had one of the best education programs around – which is probably still true, but now that I am such an advocate of classical education, I’m not sure it is any more classical-centric than any other education school today.

So why go there?  Apparently for the Women and Gender studies program. (PDF)  With this degree, “The sky is the limit.”

And, not to criticize the curriculum, but does anyone else find it vaguely patronizing that the art class “Fiber studies” will “always have a WGS emphasis”?  I mean really?  Isn’t that basically fashion design?  So, can I also take Home Ec?  How about “Pleasing your husband 101?”  Maybe I could take WGS 451 – Barbie and The Sciences : “Math is Hard”?

A great article on the value of “Higher Education” is over at the Washington Examiner.  Click HERE. Hint : Not sure there is one.

HT : Realclearpolitics

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