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Weinrich Returns

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My online seminary project continues.

Hot off the presses, here is Dr. Weinrich teaching “God and Creation” – the introductory systematics class.  You think you know God?  You don’t.  Listen to this, and see what I mean.

Click HERE, and then click the Weinrich folder.  Download the four G&C files.  Extract, get yourself a nice quiet place, 25 hours of alone time, (I recommend July 11-17) and get ready for a treat you will never forget.


Where I Want to Be Buried

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In a cemetery that is used for a political commercial leading up to the LCMS convention.  Wouldn’t You?  I mean, what good is your tombstone if it isn’t used for a political commercial to get an incumbent re-elected?

I want to be a part of THAT cemetery.

Tacky, tacky, tacky.

If you have the stomach, click here.

PS.  I consider this no reflection on the man they are endorsing.  After all, you can’t stop people from misusing your name.  I will let his legacy stand on its own merits.

An answer, of sorts

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One assumes that a certain publication that the 2nd commandment forbids me to name, but which you can see here for yourselves,(PDF) thinks of themselves as part of a synod-wide conversation.  Because the alternative is that they are circularizing the synod in support of a candidate, in defiance of bylaw 3.12.1.(e).

So, let me join the conversation for just a moment.  Pr. Wilken already chimed in with his $2 worth (Pr. Wilken’s opinion being worth far more than my own $.02).  Here is my response to what was said :

“But in the LCMS I know so well, those are exceptions in the extreme. And since it is not my place to address those situations as an ecclesiastical supervisor”

Because I am not my brother’s keep, and bear no responsibility for his actions.  (Genesis 4:9, Glatins 6:1)

“Some of Harrison’s supporters have even gone so far as to say, “Nowhere in the Bible are we told to grow.” While that might be literally true, these supporters lack significant understanding of both the intent of the Gospel and the history of the church.”

I thought I remember seeing something in our confessions (which, one assumes, shows clearly the intent of the Gospel and is arguably part of the history of the church) about “The Holy Spirit creates faith where and when he wills.” It’s not us that does it.  I also remember Paul talking about how we plant and water but … oh, the mind fails, now I can’t remember who gives the growth.

Also, he confuses growth with numerical growth.  The two are far different animals.     You keep a dog as a pet, you cook a hot dog.  You see, adding a word makes for a very different thing.  If you can’t see that, then please don’t invite me over for “dogs on the grill”.   Growth can actually include numerical shrink.  (John 6:67)

I agree, it is appalling to me that Pr. Harrison receives sinners, and eats with them, but to be honest, if that’s the best you can do in attacking him, you might want to try not attacking him. It puts him in pretty good company.  And this is about the company he keeps.

“I’d love to hear him say that one of the things we need to watch out for is that in biting and chewing on one another we might just devour one another.”

Apprently, you have not actually read anything he has written.  Like, for example, “It’s time”. I recommend it.  Look at the entire first page.  Pretty much says what you said.  With stories, examples, and statistics.

“I’d also like to hear him say that the political blood sport with its character assassination and reputation-besmirching accusations and innuendo so common in our nation’s politics has no place in God’s church.”

See previous paragraph.

I’d like to hear him say that when the work of many people over several years with significant input from leaders and delegates is presented to the delegates, their proposals should be taken at face value and given a fair hearing.

I agree.  I assume he means the 71 resolutions printed in the Workbook, calling for either rejection of, or more time to consider the BRTFSSG proposals.  Would 62% of the Districts count?  Or how about 17 circuits?  Maybe two District Presidents, who have gone on record against most of hte proposals?  At what point will he take those proposals at face value and give them a fair hearing?  Because the floor committee obviously didn’t.

I’d like to hear him say that this is the proper course of action because this is the kind of treatment and respect our brothers and sisters in Christ deserve.

Well, I agree with that.  I think the floor committee has some ‘splainin to do.

As for his argument that the company he keeps is suspect because some of it is “angry and bitter”, and that we should stop “Regularly assailing the character of President Keischnick, District Presidents and others”, I agree.  So I assume he will print a retraction for calling fellow members of the synod “angry and bitter”.

As for the part about bad company, I will say that it could be far worse.  He could hang out with me.  Now THAT would be a disgrace.  The only ones who want anything to do with this poor miserable sinner are Mrs. Forest (who loves me, she really really loves me!) and the Lord, who for some unknown reason, called me to preach and teach his word.

Which means, I should probably get a good night’s rest, so I can do just that.


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So, a synod with no “national funding model” for :




The Home Office,


is now going to vote on whether to devise one for a program begun in the 1930’s to delay ordination and try to solve the (see if this sounds familiar) lack of available congregations for candidates, a program that has become almost a parody of itself (men being forced to consecrate the sacrament in direct violation of our confession and the vicarage program rules; men being placed in positions where the ‘supervising pastor’ is 100 or more miles away; men being forced, after serving as a pastor in a sister church body, to officially be a ‘vicar’ here for a year until they can become rostered, even though they are already ordained; and the list goes on, and on…), and a program that is by no means required in scripture or the confessions; the new system for which would add enormous responsibilities to the already overworked council of presidents (why don’t we just make them responsible for the oil spill in the gulf while we’re at it),  has no actual rationale founded in facts, research, or anything beyond some guy’s idea that “hey this might be cool”.

(I did it all in one sentence.  Neat.)

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

I’m so glad I’m not paying attention to this convention thing.  Back to spending time with my family, and working on a revision to catechesis for next year.

More Veith

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Dr. Veith is making me think today.  He asks what would happen if some philanthropist gave a billion dollars to each church in my town.  Here is what I wrote :

As I often tell my church council : Congregations with large amounts of money invariably fight over the money. Congregations that are poor have very little to fight over and so are generally happy places to be. In God’s great mercy and love he keeps my congregation very happy, and I hope that he continues to do so.

Nature, not Nurture

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Dr Veith has a great comment about nature vs. nurture in his own family.   I have seen this myself, and added the following anecdote to the comments section :

We had the same thing in reverse. My first was a girl. When her little brother was old enough to play with toys, we didn’t have any boy-toys around. He picked up her Little People mini-van (the only toy with wheels) and carried it around the house until Christmas came and he got his own toys. He didn’t know what to do with it, but he knew he liked wheels, not dolls.

Ordination Anniversary

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Why not make a week of it?  Yesterday I shared with you a verse from one of my ordination hymns.  Today, I give you another.

I bind unto myself today

The strong name of the Trinity

By invocation of the same,

The three in one, the one in three.

Incidentally, the hymn was changed from LW to LSB.  A verse was excised, and another removed.  The creation verse was taken out, the demon verse added.  I like the addition, but not the subtraction.   While Anglicanism can go slightly overboard in its creation hymnody, Lutheranism sometimes skips it entirely.  Our God is the God of creation.  And we live in a created world.  We are not gnostics.  Matter matters.  So, I like binding myself to the God who created “The flashing of the lightning free, The whirling winds tempestuous shocks, the stable earth the deep salt sea, around the old eternal rocks.”