Even though I don’t always agree, I enjoy reading First Things.  But this latest article just made me go “Grrr.”  It was fine until the end, which said :

For many they are the last, great efforts to live out the promise of Lutheranism as a church on this continent. If they fail, the only remaining option may be a bracing swim across the Tiber.

Because, if the ELCA and it’s remnant groups don’t work, there must not be any Lutheran’s left.

What they must mean is Lutheranism mixed with subtle amounts of Gospel Reductionism.  Of course, that must always degenerate into nothingness, so there is, in fact, no promise to that sort of Lutheranism at all.

And since the CORE group has no problem with female clergy – which is a massive break from two thousand years of Christian Tradition – they are already alienated from the majority Christians throughout the history of the church.   They will also fall prey to the homosexual agenda.  You can’t allow women clergy – which denies the very nature of God  – and then keep human sexuality intact.

But then, such talk is not filled with ‘promise’, it is filled with “fundamentalism”.  Which is probably why these people don’t’ consider the LCMS a viable alternative.  They wouldn’t want Law and Gospel, would they now?


One Response to “Grrr.”

  1. My stepmom confronted a member of CORE who was whining about not knowing where he was going to go to church because the ELCA now rejects the authority of Scripture. “Why don’t you join the LCMS?” she asked. The guy almost exploded at her. “We want women’s ordination,” he said. He added a couple-3 other things that go against Scripture, ELCA aberrations that he & his family don’t want to give up. This tells me the issue isn’t really about the authority of Scripture. Faithfulness to God’s Word is not the same thing as homophobia, as evidenced by the fact that CORE has the latter but not the former.

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