Structure and Governance

Interesting article over at Firstthings about the structure of the Roman church.  Interesting to me is that the CNH district of the LCMS seems to be claiming in a lawsuit the exact authority a roman bishop is saying Rome does not have.

As I have noted in the past, with great power comes great responsibility.  IN the past the Districts have simply shrugged off lawsuits from congregants, saying in effect, “We have no authority over the congregation.”   I know of one case where a District used this to get out of a lawsuit involving allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of a pastor.  Would that district be able to get out of a lawsuit so easily today?  If the lawyer was even half competent, I believe that the district would not.  And ironically, the lawyer need only quote from a lawsuit filed by a sister district, and several rulings of the CCM.

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