Feminism – such a good idea

I was reading a feminist fashion magazine recently (an oxy-moron if ever there was one), and there was an article about hook-ups. Before glorifying the hook-up, the article began with tales of woe from women who used to be involved in the “hook-up culture”, but now found that the whole thing felt empty, either because they desired a commitment, or because they were now getting old enough that finding a husband was beginning to get more difficult. Of course, we could analyze this until the cows came home, and get nowhere. The really frightening part of the article was the advice they gave to women who wanted to hook-up.
Item #1 : Use protection.
Item #2 : Make sure your friends know where you are going, and make sure one of them gets a good look at the guys face.
Why might they need that information? Well, obviously, it might turn out that a guy you met at a bar and went home with while drunk to have a quickie might turn out to be not a nice sort of guy. He might have bad intentions. Well, obviously he has those, but you get the idea.
I can’t believe that anyone would be so stupid to think that this article is helpful. If you don’t know him well enough to determine that he isn’t a serial killer, then DON’T GO TO BED WITH HIM!!!! Do these women have no respect for their bodies?
I’m reminded of some very good advice from the movie clueless :
You know how picky I am about my shoes, and those only go on my feet.


2 Responses to “Feminism – such a good idea”

  1. So, do you read feminist fashion magazines regularly?

  2. And when do you think the cows WILL come home…?

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