LCMS in Perspective

Over at the best Lutheran (or any other type of) Blog around, Dr. Veith mentions the ten largest Lutheran Churches in the world.  The LCMS is not listed.  Now, if you removed the artificially inflated numbers of the European state churches, perhaps we would be, but we would still be behind just about every African Lutheran Church, and even a few Asian ones from countries I have never heard of.  And these people take their confessional commitment seriously.

I believe that the LCMS still has the finest seminaries in the world.  But that may change.  Eventually, they may be sending missionaries to our nation.  As I understand it, some of the daughter churches of the LCMS have already sent missionaries to the US.   Just as the LCMS is now sending missionaries to Luther’s hometown!  The LCMS is not the most favored church group of our heavenly Father that can never be wrong and never go away.  There are other Lutherans on planet earth, and they are doing amazing things.  Indeed, if the LCMS simply disappeared from the face of the earth, confessional Lutheranism would survive quite nicely, by God’s grace.  So, our task – to do what we can while we are here.  After all, this isn’t your great grandfather’s church, because most of the people in it from then have died.  Our task is to be the church in our time and place to the best of our ability.

But it does kind of put all the political squabbling in perspective to realize just where the LCMS fits in with world Lutheranism.


One Response to “LCMS in Perspective”

  1. One way the LCMS fits in with world Lutheranism – we’re using mission dollars & personnel to compel foreign church bodies to adopt LCMS structure, practices, and even gimmicks such as the Ablaze! program. These churches have membership, history, and theological integrity to rival ours and we are playing imperialistic mission games with them! And yet after decades of this, it takes a new organization like LHF to begin providing these folks with Lutheran doctrinal literature. The patience of our international brothers & sisters is so awesome!

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