Disappointed – A Good Sign

Back in the 1980’s and early 90’s, there was no disappointment with the VBS from CPH.  You knew what it was going to be.  It was probably about the best thing out there, but no VBS was really good.  Indeed, the problem was not with the VBS program, so much as it was with CPH – everyone knew that it was our publishing house, but the books published there were a mixed bag.

Then, an amazing thing happened.  Someone took it upon themselves to produce a VBS that was distinctly Lutheran.   Apparently, you can teach children and remain faithful.

Then, another amazing thing happened : Pr. McCain was appointed Interim President (now Publisher) for CPH.  The quality of CPH products skyrocketed.  The VBS producer mentioned before was hired as Sunday School Editor.  There were materials worth buying and teaching to children.  It has been wonderful.

And so, we came to expect that everything ever published by CPH would be awesome.  And yet, for some reason, the VBS continued to disappoint.  Strides were made, but it never seemed to capture the essense of “Follow the Lamb” – perhaps the best VBS any of us has ever seen.

This year, we were disappointed yet again.  Our hopes that this one area of CPH would improve were not fulfilled.  It was the same as the generic Christian VBS’s from the 80’s and 90’s.

Of course, the very fact that the VBS stands out as a weak point shows how far CPH has really come.  Back in the 80’s it wasn’t a weak point.  It was part of an overall program from a mediocre Christian publisher.  Today, it is one of the few weak points in an otherwise stellar line up.

So, for all of us who continue to hope for a VBS from CPH that we can use in our congregations with pride, something our children will grow into and not out of, I ask the folks at CPH to take to heart the “October Motto” of the loyal Cub’s fan : Maybe next year.


One Response to “Disappointed – A Good Sign”

  1. My vicarage church (Immanuel, Terre Haute, IN) has, in recent years, made do by reusing the same handful of VBS programs in a 4 or 5-year cycle. 2 of them are by Dcs. Nielsen (“Follow the Lamb” and its sequel) and 2 of them, not to toot my own horn, are by yours truly. Call the church office @ Immanuel to inquire & at least take a look at these materials sometime. It’s been so long I can’t remember the topic of one of them, but the other one was a prequel to “Follow the Lamb” titled “The Infant Church,” based on the first 1/3 of the Book of Acts. No pith helmets! No light sabres! But still, with the right leadership, a good time can be had …

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