Seen on the Web

I have what Pr. Wilken refers to as “The world’s most boring hobby” (and a hobby he shares) – surfing church websites.
Today I can across the following, which I cut and paste, without any typing of my own :
experiential Sunday school experience
Really? The children experience the Sunday School Experience? For those who are too caught up in buzzwords to actually notice what they say, let me give you a hint :
If you experience something, it is experiential. By definition. I would say that I will be glad when the “experience” fad fades, but it will only be replaced with something even dumber. Makes me long for the good ol’ days of the paradigm.


One Response to “Seen on the Web”

  1. If you are in Sunday School, you are experiencing it. All Sunday School programs are “experiential.” Even the really boring ones.

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