John 20 & OHM

Traditionally, the church has held (and the LSB agenda still does) that Matthew 28 (disciple all nations, baptizing and teaching) and John 20 (If you forgive the sins of any…) are references to the Office of the Holy Ministry. John 20 is the Gospel reading for Ordination, and Matthew 28 is one of the passages under the heading “The Institution of the OHM…
If Jesus gives to the Apostolic office, which office is carried out in the local congregation by the Pastor/Minister/Priest, etc. the authority to forgive sins, how is it that some claim that Jesus hands it to the congregation, who then hands it over to the pastor. Why? Why not just give it directly to the one who will use it? Doesn’t that make scriptural sense? What if the congregation doesn’t want to hand it over? And by whose authority is the pastor then forgiving? Is he forgiving in the stead and by the command of Jesus, or in the stead of the church, and the command of the church and Jesus?
This creates a hopeless muddle. The latest edition of the synod catechism, while restoring the section of confession, seems to imply that indeed the pastor is operating in the stead of the congregation. But if that is the case, the pastor is forgiving the members of the congregation, in the stead of the congregation. Since this authority was given him by the Voter’s Assembly that elected him, couldn’t they simply declare it to be so – that is :
“Resolved, that the Voter’s Assembly of First Lutheran Church of Anytown, (LCMS) declares that the sins of its members are forgiven.”
I’m just not clear why the pastor is even needed in this scheme.

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