Creeping Government Takeover

While I find it appalling that a father would make children watch pornography, I find it even more disturbing that a prosecutor is seeking to prosecute, even though the statute was written so that he could not.

The legislature intentionally excluded this circumstance from prosecution, but the prosecutor has decided to try and prosecute anyway.  Solution : Find a different law that is obscure.

This is not a good thing.  If I were the defense, I would say, “It can’t be illegal under this obscure statute, because the statute that directly addresses it intentionally made this not illegal.”  I would call every state legislator that was in office at the time as a witness.

Again, I’m not defending the actions of the father – what he did was despicable.  But the creeping government authoritarianism that would make illegal even those acts which were specifically intended to be legal worries me.  For example : How much longer can I teach that homosexuality is a sin? At what point does that cause a public outcry?  It’s already illegal in Canada to say such things.

Of course, if pornography were still illegal, it would be much easier to deal with this.  Sex ed videos could be legal (or not, do we need to see it on TV to learn how it works?) while pornography would, by definition be illegal.  No more problem.  This sort of thing wasn’t a problem before the 1950’s.  Why?  Because we couldn’t produce porn?  No.  Because it would not have been allowed.  The father would be prosecuted on possession of pornography charges.  The producer would have been prosecuted for producing it.   Result : No children exposed to porn.  You can’t have something, and then keep kids from it.  (Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol… and porn).  If you have it, they will be exposed to it.  Don’t want them exposed to it, or partaking of it?  Don’t have it.

UPDATE : In Wisconsin, following the law regarding sex ed could be illegal. The real question is : Do we live in some Orwellian nightmare, a Kafkaesque nightmare, or a Joseph Heller-ish nightmare?


One Response to “Creeping Government Takeover”

  1. Anonymous Lutheran Pastor Says:

    Dear Wild Boar — this has nothing to do with the above post, but I wish to ask you a question and I couldn’t find any other email link by which to contact you. My question is simple: What does it really mean anymore to call one’s self a “confessional” Lutheran? Seeing the amazing variety of doctrines and practices, from the far right to the far left, by people who all claim the term “confessional,” I’m not sure the term has any meaning anymore. I have recently been trying to make sense out of the whole “hyper-euro” and “waltherian” debate and have succeeded so far in just becoming disgusted by the whole mess, concluding that I utterly reject the ideas put forth by the extremes of both sides. But the my efforts to make sense of this particular issue have led me to this question in general. So, Wild Boar, what is “confessional” in our LCMS world today? Thank you for your response!

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