We Own It ALL!

So, I was looking at the origins of Matins and Vespers.  According to LSB, the copyright on the text of Matins is held by CPH, from 1941.  This, of course, means it is from TLH.  Now, one might therefore assume that CPH/the LCMS actually wrote the Matins service for TLH.  One would be wrong.

The service is lifted, almost verbatim, from ELHB, the old Green Hymnal, from before the Red one. (No longer copyrighted, but someone may be claiming it is – you can’t find it on the web.  It is possible that certain editions – those after 1922 – are partially copyrighted, but I doubt it.  And the editions from before 1922 are absolutely not.)

There are a few discrepencies :

1) It is called ‘Psalm’ in ELHB, ‘Psalmody’ in TLH.

2)’Lesson’ in ELHB, ‘Lection’ in TLH

3)”Thanks be to God” is the response after the lesson, rather than “Thanks be to Thee O Lord”

4) The Collect for Grace is missing.

Now, clearly, this service is not copyrighted in its text.  The Te Deum goes back to 1622, with one small alteration, which can be found in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, but also in the 1915 ELHB, so I assume it comes from an earlier BCP.  The Collect for Grace is lifted verbatim from the Anglicans.  In point of fact, almost all of the liturgy text is lifted from the Anglicans.  It is merely the arrangement that is Lutheran.  And I promise you the arrangement was not dreamed up by the Hymnal Committee in 1941.

So, not to contradict the nice people who publish our hymnal, but if you want, under “copyright notice” for the text of the TLH Matins Service, feel free to write : Public Domain.


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