The Girl Under the Hat

Thirteen years ago this Easter, as I was walking into the social hall, I was immediately stopped by a vision of loveliness.  I thought, “Who is the pretty girl under the hat”.  Being a single seminarian, I quickly performed the requisite inspections : No ring? Check.  18?  Maybe.

“If I walk up and say hello to Wilma, I’ll bet she will introduce me to the girl under the hat.”

Indeed, she did.  A few seconds later, twenty minutes had passed, and I was late for the second of the day’s three services.

“It’s OK.” I told my supervising Bishop, “I was flirting.”

“I’ll be out there when you’re ready.”  He said coldly.  Without another word, he turned and walked out to the chancel.

The recessional song for our wedding?  The Great Easter Hymn of John of Damascus : Gaudeamus Pariter.  (For those who aren’t church musicians, that’s “Come You Faithful, Raise the Strain”.)

Thirteen years of happiness with the girl under the hat.  Her beauty still makes me stop when I enter a room.


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