Monthly Emphases

The email tells me that “May has been designated Pastoral Education month”.

By whom?  I want to know, who in our synod thinks they have the authority to designate a theme for may, when  May includes such themes as  : The promise of the Holy Spirit, The Ascension of our Lord, Holy Pentecost and The Holy Trinity.

Exactly who has “designated” May for this purpose?  The email doesn’t say.

Even worse, it is set up so that the seventh Sunday of Easter is “Pastoral Education Sunday”.  For those who live in Ivory Towers, or Purple Palaces, or whatever isolated-from-a-congregation setting you are in, let me tell you how it works in 95% of congregations : There is no ascension day service.  It gets moved to the following Sunday. Which means that you are recommending displacing “The Ascension of our Lord” with “The Funding of the Seminaries”.  That’s not cool.  In fact, it’s a very, very hot idea.  Hotter than you can keep a snowball, if you get my meaning…

On the upside, you can get a pre-written sermon for the seventh Sunday of Easter.  Less work for me.  Of course, I follow the historic Lectionary, not Vatican 2.  And I preach on the Gospel at the High Mass, not the “Old Testament” – which is from Acts anyway.  (Someone on the Commission for Implementing Vatican 2 Reforms  [CIV2R] needs to learn which books belong in which testament…)

So, I guess I can’t do it this year.  Maybe next year.  I’m pretty sure that next year my people don’t need to hear about the Ascension.  Or, since I’m so busy during Holy Week, maybe I’ll just use that sermon on Easter.  Save me all sorts of time.

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