Rosters and Statistics

I have this vision in my head that the LCMS office of rosters and statistics is staffe3d by two very old ladies, who volunteer twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 until noon.  They carefully open each statistical report and carefully enter the information in a ledger.

Of course, I’m sure that’s not the case.  After all, the LCMS never has volunteer labor for IC duties when they can have a highly paid executive.  But I kind of get the impression it is like the State Department – woefully underfunded with a computer that is half a step above a Colecovision.

Each year in the Winter we get a form to fill out, and each year, the form looks like it is about two generations of photocopy older than the last year.  We then dutifully (if somewhat belatedly) fill out the form and mail it in.

Why, I keep asking myself, don’t they make this process available online?  They could have you fill out the form online, then no one need enter the data.  They can simply forward it to your local district office.  Now they don’t have to enter the data.  As it is, we must send out two copies, which are then entered into two separate computers, using two separate persons.  It seems to me it would be easier to have it all done electronically.  Especially given the extreme hard-line stance that the COP takes toward pastors that don’t fill out the latest computerized version of the SET.

Anyway, I e-mailed my congregational report to the district this year.  Hopefully they are satisfied.  I saved a tree, a stamp, and all that CO2 that the Mail truck would have had to release carrying it.  Forestboar : Doing his part to fight global warming.


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