Weinrich Update

When I posted the Weinrich Early Church lectures, his only request was that I share feedback from those who listen.

Sadly, I can not do that.  Of the twenty-odd people who have downloaded his first set of lectures I have gotten exactly zero comments.  So, if you have downloaded and listened to Weinrich’s Early Church lectures, post a comment here, please.

Thank you.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


2 Responses to “Weinrich Update”

  1. Thanks for providing the recordings.

    Listened to the first several today. It was good to hear Dr. Weinrich again. The lectures are helpful to refresh the mind. This will be beneficial to my teaching the Augsburg Confession and Apology–with their allusions to the Church Fathers–to my deacons.

    Will have to find the Stuckwisch notes and my notebook and compare them to what was recorded, then go and read the Gonzales books again.

    Thanks again for the audio files.


  2. Rev. William Voelker Says:

    My thanks to you as well. These lectures were both enjoyable and worth the time it took to listen through them.

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