Un-obsuring the Letters

For those who are still confused about the letters :

Judas Iscariot

Disgruntled Synagogue member in Ephesus

Angry Romanizer in Wittenberg


6 Responses to “Un-obsuring the Letters”

  1. Forest Boar,

    Perhaps you or Demetrius the silversmith or Artemis of the Ephesians or the Lake County (Ohio) Lutheran can give a little more explanation. I am pretty adept at weeding through this stuff, but even I am confused by now. One parable at a time, please. Unravel it, and then get to the next one.

    Your #1 fan,


    • forestboar Says:

      The first letter was written by Judas Iscariot against our Lord.
      The second by an unnamed, but disgruntled member of the Jewish Synagogue in Ephesus against the Apostle Paul.
      The Third by another unnamed, but Disgruntled Romanist in the City of Wittenberg Germany against Martin Luther.

  2. Still thinking about this one. You usually express your point succinctly. Here you would have us draw our own conclusions, or at least see the error of our ways as laity.

    • forestboar Says:

      Not at all. These were written some time ago. They were inspired by a couple of long-circulated humor bits. One is a letter from an employment evaluation firm, that explains why the disciples are all failures, except for one up and comer named… Judas.
      The other is a resume for the Apostle Paul. On paper he looks absolutely horrible as a pastor. (Never stayed in a parish more than three years, often removed from congregations, arrested, etc.).
      I don’t hear it so much anymore (Wyoming District) but back in my English District days, I used to hear “horror stories” of pastors who would do unspeakable things – like using a hymnal, actually applying the word of God to various situations, etc. In many places, the people will not abide the Word of God. My posts are not against laity per se, but rather against a spirit that too often will not only not listen to pastors who preach the Word, but will seek to destroy such men.
      They were originally written as letters to the editor of a fictional humor magazine – with no references to anything going on in our synod – called “Judas First”.
      Perhaps that helps explain what I am speaking against.

      • I wouldn’t say the letters are “against laity.” That’s too strong. They feel like unfinished sermons, as though someone started with a story, never got to the point, and completely forgot about the Gospel.

        I am reminded of a sermon I heard once where the pastor spent 3-4 minutes on a cute story, then wrapped it up in 1-2 minutes. I never thought I’d be asking for a longer sermon! I kept waiting for more.

      • forestboar Says:

        That’s the fun thing about parables. “Seeing they will not see, and hearing they will not understand.”

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