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Holy Week Wednesday

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The service is HERE.

Sermon only is HERE.

Luke is the Winged Bull of Revelation, because he recounts the priestly acts of Jesus life more fully than the others.  What does this mean? I’m glad you asked.  The answers can be found in the links above.

Not that it matters, but attendance this year was at record levels – 34 total for the three days.  The first day was 14.  That’s almost 1/3 of my Sunday attendance.   Now, obviously I wish that the Sunday attendance were higher – all pastors do.  But to see that many of my people come out on a Monday afternoon to hear the Word of God shows that they have been well instructed by their pastors.  Not me, of course, I’ve only been here six years.  But there is a long tradition of respecting (and when necessary fighting for) the Word of God here.  A heritage is a wonderful thing, and I have inherited a good one.


Best sentence ever.

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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Now, who would like to diagram it?

Holy Week Tuesday

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Holy Week Tuesday is here!  The Passion is according to Saint Mark.

The sermon looks at Barabbas, who is, of course, a figure of ourselves.

Listen to the whole service here.

Sermon only right here.

Holy Week Monday

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For those who don’t have a church that offers services each day of Holy Week, good news – my congregation does! And I record them!  And post them on my blog!  While using many exclamation points!

I started a few years ago.  I can’t imagine being without them. They really get me prepared for the grueling but fun Tri-Duum.  Today, we had record attendance – 12.   I schedule them at 11:30, 12, and 12:30 on Mon, Tue and Wed.  That way, no matter what time your lunch hour is, you can hopefully attend at least one of them.   They are thirty minutes – not a minute longer – so you can leave work from anywhere in town, come to church, eat a sandwich and get back to work on time.  How do you do a full Divine Service in 30 minutes, including the Passion Readings for the Gospel?

First : Cut everything that wasn’t there pre-Luther (Confession, Third reading, Nunc Dimittis, etc.)  Now, cut all the stuff that is often omitted at weekday services (Creed, Gloria – which isn’t there anyway).  Make it all spoken.  (No hymns) And keep the sermon short.  Today’s was actually too short.

You’ll also notice, if you listen to the whole thing, that I use the TLH alternate response after the sacrament.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard it used anywhere else ever.  It was removed from the new hymnal, and no one even noticed.  Pity.  Anyway, we use it during these three services.

So here it is.  You can listen to :

The whole service (I deleted the distribution, so it’s only about 23 minutes)

The sermon. (Tomorrow’s will hopefully be longer)

You can also : See the Ordo here.   Holy Week Midday DS

Enjoy, and stop back tomorrow for more.

Cult Moves Near Wyoming

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According to this article, a man claiming to be the Holy Ghost has moved his church to Wyoming.  While I think it is  long-shot that he is the Holy Ghost, I will admit he does look a little like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Pre-Marital Instruction

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I am told that most marital disagreements are about money.  I wouldn’t know.  me and the Mrs. Forest (No “Boar”, she) never argue about anything.

But as a pastor, I do pre-marital instruction, for those inclined to marry in the church.  In those cases, I say a little bit about finances.  Well, here are 25 questions to ask each other before marriage.

Some are a little bit of a stretch.  And to be honest, I’m not sure that investing in Government bonds shows financial responsibility, so much as a reckless disregard for reality.  But, for those who do instruction, this will give a good starting point for discussion of financial issues.   So, FWIW, here they are.

Next Project

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For those who didn’t get enough of my warbling voice listening to the Common Service in Latin, click here for a preview of my next project.  I’ve been working on a it on and off for a while now, and I think the time has come to put it out there.

PS.  Thanks to the kind people at Crossway Publishing for permission to use the ESV.