The sad thing is, I’m not surprised

Once again, POTF has a post worth reading.  My comments :

A pastor that changes the ecumenical creeds is not only no pastor, he is no Christian.  If this is indeed a Lutheran pastor, and he has indeed done this, then here is what I say to him :

Sir, when you were ordained, you swore before the altar of the Lord to teach in accord with scripture and the Lutheran Confessions.  You have broken this vow.  As a member of the synod, you accept without reservation the three ecumenical creeds as your confession.  By writing your own, you place yourself outside of the synod.  Worse by rejecting the three creeds which define Christendom, you place yourself outside the church of all ages.  You are sir, a wolf in sheep’s clothing who has come to scatter the flock rather than be a faithful shepherd.  You no longer have authority over those who would seek out a place where God’s word can be heard, for they are seeking after the voice of their shepherd.  You are not it.

As for the “relationship or religion” question, this is simply a false dichotomy.  By assuming that doctrine is religion and whatever heresy he is engaging in is relationship, he has done nothing more than reinvent gnosticism.  There is truly nothing new under the sun, and this Cerinthus is simply trying to serve warmed up leftovers of ancient heresies.  My recommendation is : The next time you see him, wipe the dust off of your feet at him.  Really, wipe your shoes and walk away.  If family connections prevent it, remember that our Lord is more important than family connections.

There is a time to remain faithful in a bad situation and testify that the error will be opposed, and a time to  testify that the faith has been lost and that the church no longer exists in that place.  If what has been written about him is true,  this man has passed from the former to the latter.  The only reason to stay in the congregation any longer would be if he is being opposed actively by members of the congregation, and there is some hope of removing him.  Otherwise the congregation which you leave is not even a Christian one.  It is a gnostic sect.

Yes, it is fun being a Donatist.  Try it sometime.


One Response to “The sad thing is, I’m not surprised”

  1. Hey forestboar, The nice person who sent me the email is Lutheran and her pastor is indeed a pastor in the LCMS. Sadly, I’m not joking around or using hyperbole to make a point. You should leave a message as she is checking in to see, pretty regularly I might add, to see what folks are saying. She is more than a little frustrated and is genuinely open to people’s advice. Myself, I haven’t told he that she should leave her congregation for the one who remains faithful to the Lutheran Confessions and historic Christianity but I have told her of a very similar situation I experienced and how I have refused to even visit a wayward congregation when visiting family. I understand all too well how difficult it is to leave a place that is considered “home.”

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