Amatuer Hour (Again)

As a follow up to my earlier post on the great job done by the BOD regarding the sale of KFUO FM, we have this report from Respublica.

Awesome.  Now we can add :

The sale denounced in bipartisan fasion on the floor of the US House of Respresentatives?  Check.

Yeah, we’re looking really great here.   The synod should get some outside help to advise them on this matter, so they don’t have quite so much public scandal.  Since Richard Nixon is already dead, how about Rod Blagojevich?  John Edwards?  Ted Haggard? Eliot Spitzer? Jack Abramoff?  Anyone?  Anyone?


One Response to “Amatuer Hour (Again)”

  1. Blago would only make them look “stupider.” He would have them on some reality show instead of actually getting things done.

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