Iron Preacher – Hee-ahh!

A reminder : Go to, click on “Podcasts” and download the latest episode.  I take on the Iron Preacher!

Spoilers after the jump.The night before, I went to sleep pondering “What would I do if he picked the unjust steward?”  So I planned out a little sermon.  For the first time in my life, my premonition was correct  – seriously, never happened before. Of course, I couldn’t remember a single thing from the night before, but I did manage to put together a sermon.

If you listen to Iron Preacher regularly, you will notice that the winner almost always has an exegesis or Law-Gospel application that is prefferred by Dr. Fickenscher.  So also in this case.  It isn’t the sermon itself that is better.  Dr. F. Prefers the organic application of the Gospel, instead of the “The reading is law, but there is Gospel elsewhere that we should talk about…” approach.

Now, I almost feel unfair about the win.  Dr. F. admits that there is no hard and fast exegetical rule for this passage, and he admits that he doesn’t know which one is right.  But then he picks my exegesis anyway.  Even though Pr. Wolfmueller says quite clearly that he simply doesn’t believe my exegesis is the correct one.  I feel kind of bad for beating him simply because my opinion of the exegesis made the judge happier, even though the judge admitted he couldn’t say which was better.  Other decisions were based on better application of the text, clearer exegesis of the ext, better relation of the exegesis to the application.  My win was based solely on his opinion that is sounded cooler.  It seems like a cheap win. Of course the important thing is not how you win or lose, but what the final score is, and the final score favored me, so there.

Not at all.  The purpose of this exersise is :

1) To watch pastors mine the law and gospel from various sermon texts.

2) To see how various pastors can come up with quite different sermons that still point to Christ.

3) To allow me the opportunity to have my preaching evaluated in a more official capacity.  I haven’t had that happen since seminary, and it is helpful.  It makes me think that pastor’s conferences should evaluate sermons. (Liked and didn’t like, clear use of Gospel, etc.)  Ironically, we do this in seminary.  In Homiletics classes you preach and then listen to critiques by a bunch of other Homiletics students – a more unqualified group you will rarely find.  Now that we have been preaching for years, and begin to understand the mysteries we proclaim, we never do that for each other.  It would be a good excersise.

Finally, there was a moment when I was asked a questions, wandered around for a while, and then forgot the answer.  Totally blanked.  Fortunately, the show ran long, so they cut that bit.  Now I don’t have to look like an idiot.  Thank you Evan.

And thank you Pr. Wolfmueller, for letting me take you on. When my wife heard, she said, “You know he’ll beat you, right.”  Of course I did.

Upset of the year.


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  1. Just heard the program. Bravo. 🙂

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