Unlicensed Superbowl Merchandise Here

My daughter was wondering why I needed to get my driver’s license if the car already had license plates.  I explained that both car and driver must be individually licensed.  Otherwise, you are unlicensed, and that is illegal.

So, for those wondering how my superbowl of Pasta went : It was incredibly bland.  I don’t get it.  I put in five cloves of garlic, but there was almost no flavor.

We were out of bananas this morning, so our smoothies were going to have to be bananaless.  Then my wife went to the store to buy some merchandise.  Including bananas!  She is so awesome.

Where am I sitting?  Right here, of course.

That should be another $100.

PS. Have a nice day, to whoemever the trademark lawyer is that’s reading this.


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