Evangelism Convocation

The Wyoming District Evangelism Convocation is this weekend, and your humble Forest Boar is the lead-off presenter.  For almost three hours Friday afternoon, I will be corrupting the minds of Wyoming District pastors and laity.  Actually the second half on Friday is sans-pastors.  They will be off in a sermon seminar.  So yes, for 75 minutes, I can say anything I want, and no one who is able to file charges will be in the room.  And (this is the best part) I have been assigned the Early Church.  That dangerous place when the whole church was catholic.

Incidentally, attendance is off this year, so if you happen to be in Casper, Wyoming about 2pm, stop by the Ramkota.  For those who can’t I’ll be recording me.   Officially, my topics are :

Evangelism in the Early Church

Defending the Faith : Justin Martyr.


5 Responses to “Evangelism Convocation”

  1. Rev. David M. Carver Says:

    How might one go about getting the recording of your presentation? I’m just now getting over the 24 Hr. flu and will be arriving late tomorrow because I’m coming from western Montana.

    • forestboar Says:

      I am repeating my presentation on Saturday morning at 10:30. God willing, the recording will be posted at mediafire.com/forestboar, but without visuals. (Powerpoint, my dynamic new haircut, etc.)

  2. I hear Forest Boar will be sporting a spiffy new blazer in “pastoral gray” as well 🙂

  3. When will the recordings surface?

  4. When someone breaks the surface of the lake.

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