The Hitchens Interview

By now you’ve probably heard of the interview that Christopher Hitches did for Portland Magazine.  They had him interviewed by a Unitarian leader.  (If I say minister, it means she ministers on behalf of another, but it is clear from the interview that she really doesn’t.)  The money quote is this one :

The religion you cite in your book is generally the fundamentalist faith of various kinds. I’m a liberal Christian, and I don’t take the stories from the scripture literally. I don’t believe in the doctrine of atonement (that Jesus died for our sins, for example). Do you make and distinction between fundamentalist faith and liberal religion?

I would say that if you don’t believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ and Messiah, and that he rose again from the dead and by his sacrifice our sins are forgiven, you’re really not in any meaningful sense a Christian.

The athiest knows that so-called liberal Christianity is not Christianity at all.  In the statements which follow, the Unitarian tries to defend her belief, leading to such rhetorical gems as these from Hitchens :

Saying that she “makes so sense – at all.”

Suggesting she doesn’t take religion seriously.

Getting her to admit that religion can be done away with in favor of humanism.

Of course, by the end of the interview, they have pretty much done away with God entirely.  Read the entire thing for yourself. It’s worth your time.  Interesting to see what the enemy is up to.

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