Liturgy 101 #2

When did I become such a fan of “Say the Black.  Do the Red”?

When I went to a church service with some friends from a different country, and they asked, “Why does the pastor think we are stupid?”

English wasn’t even their native language, but it turned out they could read the hymnal just fine.

So for those who feel absolutely obsessed by the need to announce everything, I ask you, “Why do you think your people are stupid?”

The most awesomest moment ever in unnecessary announcements came at a conference.  We had all just filed into the room for Matins, been handed orders of service that said, “Matins” right on the top, and then, the liturgist got up and said, “We follow the order of service on the handout.”

Because we weren’t just stupid, we were REALLY stupid.

Technically, a liturgist says the liturgy.  I think we should call those who announce everything “announcerists”.

Another pet peeve is announcerists who don’t know the meaning of the term “responsively.”  It means : Sometimes, you don’t talk.  If you’re not sure when that is, here’s a hint : It’s when the rest of the people do.  If you’re joining in with them, then you’re not doing it responsively.

I’ve had people ask me to be an announcerist in church.  I get that some people may not be familiar with our liturgy.  But if you are at a pastor’s conference, and they don’t know how to follow a printed ordo, or turn to a hymn, you really have problems.   I mean, they actually do teach that at seminary.

Enough ranting for today.  Good night.  (Please use the “X” to close your web browser.  Then you may shut down your computer.  Instructions may be found on page 31 of your manual.  When brushing your teeth before bed, don’t forget to use toothpaste, and brush each tooth carefully.  Blankets on your bed can be found lying on top of your bed.  Yeah – it’s annoying isn’t it…)


One Response to “Liturgy 101 #2”

  1. Yeah, but people are stupid though. Just sayin’.

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