I Got Mail

Two pieces of mail came that are of interest. The first is for a conference of the ALCM. What is the ALCM you ask? So did I. The brochure has information about the speakers, dates of the conference, even a section of “Frequently Asked Questions”. Apparently, “Who are you guys” is not frequently asked. Just a hint : If you are sending out a Mass Mailing, explain your acronyms.
(I finally figured out that it’s the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians.)
Item 2 : The Lutheran Annuals have arrived in New Haven, MO. How do I know? Because my latest issue of the New Haven Gazette had the obligatory annual picture of the Lutheran Annual with the editorial comment that none of the seminex supporting folks have been removed in the last year.
If he had been certified back in the day, then the synod could have regulated his behavior, or even kicked him out, and forced his congregation to get rid of him or leave the synod. By NOT adding him to the roster, they have made him totally unaccountable to anyone in the synod. Unaccountability encourages outspokenness. IN other words, those who so vehemently opposed the phenomenon are the ones who created it.
It’s called irony. But you knew that.


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