About That Organist Thing

Apparently, I said I would post to let everyone know how Christmas Eve went with canned music.  It went fine.  Most of the hymns were a little bit faster than we were used to.  One was slower.  It was the difference in pace between the hymns that was most disconcerting.  We are used to quarter notes meaning a certain tempo.  With this, they didn’t.  The other thing that was obvious to me (but maybe not to others) was the tone quality.  To save bandwidth, the hymns are sampled at 128kbps.  This means that they don’t have the full dynamic range that a *.wav file has.  It just sounded a little off to me.  But it was very slight, and could not be heard when people sang.

The length of the introductions varied.  Some of them were too short to open the hymnal to the right page.  Not too big a problem with “Silent Night”.  It could pose a challenge with some lesser known hymns.

My overall verdict : If you have no organist, this is an inexpensive and viable alternative to n0 hymn accompaniment.   I will probably use it again next year for Christmas Eve.  On days that aren’t Christmas Eve, we will stick with A-Capella.


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