No Organist For Christmas

My congregation has two organists.  They are both closely connected to the schools, so when the schools get out for Christmas, they are out of here.  This leaves me with no one to organize for Christmas.

What to do?

CPH will sell you Organ accompaniment CD’s for a mere $499.  I’m sure they are great, but the reason we don’t have organists that stay for holidays is because we are to small to have a paid music position.  $499 is a lot of dollars to spend.

In the past I have had the organists play the songs into my digital recorder.  I then verse them correctly, and we play them.  But playing music without people to sing has led to some anomalies, and the audio processing has led to others.

For the small church with no organist, I recommend  Songs in the public domain can be downloaded free of charge.  A nominal fee is charged for copyrighted music.    I haven’t run into that, because the copyright ran out long ago on Silent Night.

The arrangements are simple, but full sounding.  When played on the church sound system, it sounds very good.  I was even able to find some obscure Christmas hymns – some so obscure that I decided to go with more “popular” songs.

The site isn’t specifically Lutheran, so there is a lot of strange stuff there.

But there is also a lot of good Lutheran stuff.  “Lord Thee I Love With All My Heart” is there.   Sometimes you have to change the number of verses, and there may be slight variations in the rhythm here or there.  But for a small church trying to have decent music on a budget (free), you can’t beat it.

I’ll post again after Christmas, and let you know how it goes.


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