Christmas Services

So, in one of my moods again, I posted the following on Facebook :

Lincoln Winter is feeling cynical and wonders how many of the “Keep Christ in Christmas” people are actually planning to attend church on Christmas DAY.

Of course, the best response came from my friend, The Lake County Lutheran (Apparently he is THE Lutheran in Lake County).  He said :

Somewhere a second-year seminarian is shouting, “You Pietist!”

But another person mentioned that their church doesn’t have Christmas Day services.   This got me thinking about an incident a few years ago.  I was visiting with a visitor to our church.  They had come on Good Friday.  “We usually attend XXX church in town, but they don’t have a Good Friday service.  It just doesn’t seem right to miss that service.”

Now, I would agree that it isn’t right to miss that service.  But I wonder why he never pondered what it says about that church that they don’t have the service in the first place.  Obviously, they don’t see a need to celebrate the death of our Lord. (?!?)

While Christmas Eve is all well and good, I wonder : Why is it that churches – even ostensibly Lutheran ones – have gone so far down a road that thinks a small crowd on Christmas Day means that it isn’t worth actually taking time to celebrate the Incarnation of Our Lord?

Of course, the early church didn’t do Christmas at all.  It was all about Easter.  So I guess you could argue that they are simply following the apostolic model.

But I do wonder what some churches really believe.


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