Avatar Predictions

Avatar will make money.  A lot of money.  It will be hailed by many, even as it is condemned as stupid by others.  All of this is already happening.  It’s also what happened with Titanic.

Come Oscar time, it will get nominations, but fewer awards than Titanic.  Here is why :

Titanic was a bad film.  Yet, in all the hysteria, it managed a tie for “most oscars ever.”  As soon as it won all the awards, actually as soon as James Cameron shouted, “I’m the king of the World!”, people snapped out of their revery and said, “We gave all those awards to THAT!”  It was the last “popular” movie to receive the award for best picture.  The academy has very studiously avoided giving the award to any more movies that people actually go and see.  Indeed, ech year since Titanic, the academy has chosen odder and more obscure films.  The pendulum will swing back, but only when they give the award to something so ridiculous it once again becomes a luaghinstock.  Which will be too late for Avatar.

Another prediction : I won’t see it.  Why?  My local theatre doesn’t have high tech projectors.  Which means it won’t be in 3D.  And also, I hate CGI.  I remember watching Titanic.  When the CGI boat sank, I felt very sorry for all those pixel-people that were going under the water.  It just looked bad.  And from what I’ve seen of the previews, so does Avatar.  It isn’t real.  And it doesn’t look it.


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