Comfort vs. Comfortable

Just in time for last weeks Old Testament reading:
We want to be comfortable. But that’s not what the prophet Isaiah says. He says, “Comfort my people”. There’s a difference.
Comfortable is feeling the comfort. So, for example, if you break your leg, you can be made comfortable by means of morphine. It doesn’t fix anything, but you feel more comfortable.
However, if you want real comfort, you must go to the doctor, he will set the leg (not always a pleasant thing) and then give you a cast for a few months (a large annoyance). Perhaps you even need surgery. I’m fairly certain there is no way to classify cutting a person open as comfortable. Yet, the doctor does all of this in order to provide comfort to you. It does not necessarily make you comfortable, but it provides real lasting comfort.
So, the word of God does not always make us comfortable, but it does comfort.


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