How I code sermons, etc.

For the person who downloads my sermons, you may have noticed that I code them.  Today’s, for example, was A0309.

It’s really quite simple.  I take the first letter of the season – [A]dvent, [L]ent, [E]aster, etc.  Then I designate the Sunday in two digit format, followed by the year in two digit format.  (It will only get confusing if I’m still preaching in 2098). The exception, of course, is [Ep]iphany, to deistingush it from Easter.  As a side bonus, it is almost in alphabethically throughout the year.  [A]dvent, [Christmas], [Ep]iphany, with [T]rinity at the end.  All of my sermon manuscripts, propers sheets, audio recordings, etc are coded this way.  It really makes sense.

For midweek services, I simply put an “M” after the sunday number.

All of this is, of course, becuase everyone is deeply interested in my filing system.  And for that one guy who listens to my sermons, now you know what the letters mean.

For pastors, I offer it as a suggestion for organizing sermons, or other liturgical materials.  It is far better than by date.  If I want to see what hymns were sung last year, I don’t look at “Whatdid we sing for the first Sunday in July?”, I look at “What hymns did we sing on Trinity 7?”.    And then I know.


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