We Can Not Win

Remember back when some in our nation were complaining that the war in Iraq was “another Vietnam”?  The implication was that we would be bogged down for years in an unwinnable war.   The problem with Vietnam was not that we lacked the military expertise.  The problem was that our nation lacked the will to win.

It now appears that Iraq is stabilizing.  But Afghanistan is going badly.  The president is expected to endorse the surge strategy of Gen. McChrystal.  It really doesn’t matter.

The problem is that we are not at war “In Iraq” and “In Afghanistan.”  The problem is that we are at war with Islamofacism.   You see, it isn’t the Christians in Afghanistan that are fighting us.  It isn’t the Hindu’s.  Nor is it the Christians in Iran that are desperately attempting to acquire Nuclear weapons.  It is not a regional war, it is ideological.  And our national leaders have never grasped that.

For some time the neo-conservatives in our country have been worrying that we do not have the will to win.  As soon as Bush said that Islam was the religion of peace, they were right.  I didn’t want to acknowledge it.  But now, the truth is crystal clear.  We simply do not have the will to win.  Otherwise, this would be an “Onion” headline, not Fox News. Shame, Shame, Shame on our military.   “Hip-Hip-Hooray!” to these brave and heroic soldiers.


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