Oh, I don’t know… Maybe the Bible?

The latest Concordia Theological Quarterly arrived today. It contains an article by the former executive director of the LCMS CTCR. The topic : Relating to other Christians Charitably and Confessionally.

Now, I realize that some scripture passages can be taken from granted in a theological journal. And, the topic indicated that he would be speaking from a distinctly confessional perspective, not specifically a scriptural one. But really, 9 words from scripture? Not nine quotes.



About circumcision.

To give you some perspective, he quotes 11 words from :

Mel Gibson.

He quotes Roman Catholic theologians, including the pope (but not including the aforementioned Mel Gibson) 7 times. Not seven words. Six nice lengthy quotes, and one short one.

By a strange coincidence, seven is also the number of confessional quotations. Three lengthy, and four VERY brief. So, in an article that purports to look at inter-Christian relationships from a confessional perspective, he quotes our confessions only seven times.

The only category that I didn’t count was from :

CTCR documents. I would have needed to take my socks off to count that high.

The CTCR is self-authenticating. It says it, so it is already proven. (See HERE for commentary on this phenomena rearing it’s head in the BRTFSSG report.)

I would have thought that, if a person was talking about CHRISTian relationships, one might want to quote… Oh, I don’t know… maybe Christ? But there are no quotes from our Lord.

Now don’t get me wrong. The article is well crafted, and beautifully pulls in quotes from a variety of theological sources. Indeed, I was impressed with the depth of Dr. Nafzger’s learning and experience. He is obviously well versed in current theological discussions on this topic (and probably just about any other topic as well.)

But, to paraphrase one of my professors :

When Holy Scripture goes without saying, it usually goes.

There is a problem in our synod. We can no longer speak scripturally. When we lose the ability to speak and reason scripturally, we have lost the ability to “hear the voice of our shepherd.

Which, if I am not mistaken is the definition of the church.

Not sure if that’s ironic, or just sad.


One Response to “Oh, I don’t know… Maybe the Bible?”

  1. Spectacular! If we leave the Sola’s, we depart for many others. I agree, the Synod has many a problem, humility & obedience being two.

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