Great Post on Marriage

Mere Comments, over at Touchstone Magazine, has a great post on marriage in the context of the recent Maine vote. (They overturned Single-Sex Marriage yesterday, declaring it to be between a man and a woman. )

They have compiled just about every argument against Gay marriage into one concise article.  It is well worth the read.   Too often, we try to proof-text marriage, as if God created the world, and then added an addendum about marriage to it.  (I recently heard that on a Weinrich tape).

The truth is that marriage is designed to be life, but SSM is death. (Korby)

Marriage as an institution is more than simply what I want, it is a part of the larger society.   (See Luther’s Small Catechism – the second table of the law is about helping my neighbor – not just about not doing stuff.  It’s societal, not personal.)

They also make a point I haven’t heard before – if marriage pre-dates the state (Luther, 4 commandment) then the state must admit that the family should have some autonomy from the state.  If the state creates and defines marriage, then it can interfere in whatever manner it wants, and there are no limits to how much interference the state can have in the family.

Lutheranism has a rich tradition of creation and natural law theology to speak against Gay marriage.  Of course, Touchstone isn’t Lutheran, but the arguments they are positing are very much in keeping with Lutheran Theology.

Incidently, in that same Weinrich tape referenced above, he says that a pastor of our synod criticized him for saying that the theology of marriage comes from the doctrine of creation.  For him, it was a codicil added by God.

In this view, it is hard to tell people “no” regarding the stupid things they want to do at their wedding.   My favorite has to be a note in my vicarage congregation’s marriage guidelines that “Manure Spreaders are not allowed on church grounds.”  Apparently for a while it was all the rage to have a manure spreader whisk the bride and groom from the church to the reception.   One couple even went so far as to park it just off of the church property, thus following the guidelines.

Anyway, a big “Way to go Maine Voters!”.  And do read that article.

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